Who’s that gal?

Cheryl-Ann Lovie is an entrepreneur at heart. She embodies the attributes of that title at work as well as in her everyday life – she gets s*&t done, any time, anywhere, in any way possible.

She’s known to ‘tell it like it is’ without sugar coating anything. Cheryl-Ann is the voice of a generation of women who are driven by the ‘have-to’s.’ She broke the cycle the morning of her 55th birthday, (finally) holding her ground and declaring to the world: “IT’S MY TURN!” Cheryl-Ann is now on a mission to share her journey, learnings and experiences to help women avoid the mistakes she made and find their purpose through her books as well as speaking engagements.

Her story….

Cheryl-Ann has been a single mom and ex-wife. She owned and operated her own company which she recently sold to a large corporate organization. She’s a landlord of several tenants, she raises money for families in need and has been successful in a direct marketing business. She’s known among business owners to be an encourager and a source of wise advice for women in and around her city. She juggled elder care and laid a parent to rest. She watched alcoholism and infidelity destroy families, as abuse and terror were in her rear-view mirror for most of her life.

Her father was an alcoholic. He fathered more children than he raised. He was vile and abusive. He was funny, handsome, charismatic and sarcastic as hell. Her mother was kind, caring, meek and indecisive. She upheld her family the very best she could with the skills she had in her toolbox. Cheryl-Ann recently found a long-lost sister while being estranged from her brother…

She divorced her first husband and married the love of her life, Jason. She describes her marriage as always in working mode, with struggles but it is also the source of some of the most incredible experiences of her life; and for that reason, they have committed to always work together on their relationship.

As a woman in a man’s world, Cheryl-Ann watched and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of a male- dominated industry. From flying on private jets and being “hit on” by top executives to being abused in the workplace, Cheryl-Ann felt guilt for these incidents and stayed because she had a family to raise and mouths to feed.

A year ago, she looked back and felt as if years had passed without her consent. Though thankful to now be married to an incredible man, to be the mother of three beautiful daughters and of one stepson and grandmother of five, the brave, independent woman, the leader and classy lady that people noticed, realized that she was in fact fueled by fear. Cheryl-Ann is real. Her story is about claiming HER TURN and teaching others how to claim theirs. Maybe, just maybe, her story will help you to declare this moment as your turn to be you!