It’s Your Turn!

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first book!

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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you just got into your car to head home and thought about continuing on driving? Driving somewhere, anywhere where there are no dinners to make, no kids to take care of, no bills to pay, no have-to’s. A place that didn’t put so much pressure on you, where you could breathe. Really breathe… maybe for the first time in years. A place where you could think. Think and not have a schedule to adhere to or questions to answer… where you can take all the time you needed, just to do you. Do you even know what you want anymore, or even just what “fun” looks like for you? 

I took that drive just over a year ago, on a day when I had enough. Enough of being what was expected. That day, at the water’s edge, I made strong commitments to myself to create a life of purpose FOR ME! Somehow it no longer felt selfish, but rather freeing and in fact downright scary all at the same time. If like me, you’re at that point where work no longer is about fulfilment but about making a living, where your life is no longer about your dreams but about making everyone happy, this book is for you!

"You get one spin. Just one spin at this life"

Cheryl-Ann Lovie

It’s Your Turn! invites you to take that drive with me and to find the answers you are looking for! If you need to make a change, my stories will give you the insights I used to make change happen. My hope is that within the pages you’ll discover that life is happening for us, not to us, and through the choices we make we enhance the lives of those around us. It’s the old oxygen mask on the airplane scenario: put yours on first to make sure you’ll be able to help those you love get theirs on!

It’s Your Turn! is a memoir with valuable lessons to learn from my crazy life! Though this book may appear more targeted to a female audience, most of us deal with the same issues in our daily lives: fear, shame, vulnerability, stress, anxiety and exhaustion… therefore by using the same strategies I use as daily rituals that enabled me to rise above anxiety, stress and fear, anyone can move forward, in control, in the driver’s seat.

I’m Cheryl-Ann Lovie and it’s my turn, it can be yours too.

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